Issue 2019/2 (vol. 34)

Zygfryd Juczyński

Life change events from a health perspective

The purpose of the article is to present the meaning of significant life events, which become an individually important part of our identity and life history, and a turning point that changes the way man perceives the world in everyday life. While positive events become central through their relationship with cultural norms, negative events interact through psychological mechanisms. Healthy people prefer to focus on positive information, recall it and imagine it. However, for people in a difficult emotional situation, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders or depression, negative and traumatic events are better remembered and their predictions about the future are more pessimistic. Positive events are considered to be more crucial for identity and life history, negative events, and traumatic experiences, as the most harmful to the individual’s health. In the end of the article, attention was paid to underestimating emotionally positive life events, including traumatic ones (e.g. associated with organ transplants), which can lead to postecstatic growth.

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