Issue 2019/2 (vol. 34)

Dorota Kubacka-Jasiecka

Psychosomatic Risk from the Perspective of Attachment Trauma and Body Self Disorders

The following paper discusses the etiology of psychosomatic disorders. It proposes and develops a hypothesis that connects psychosomatic risk with traumatic experiences in early childhood, including parental bonding pathology. To validate the hypothesis, the paper stresses the deep resemblance between the consequences of childhood trauma syndrome (DESNOS syndrome) and the long-term results of negative somatic experiences, including the change in functioning on the neurophysiological level (Bowlby’s attachment theory, object relation theory, study results for negative impact of somatic experiences, carcinogenesis models). On the other hand, the proposed hypothesis is backed by the current widely accepted role of stress together with adaptive and defensive strategies. They are reflected in the forming of the type A, C, and D behavior patterns in adults and their significance (apart from constitutional weakness) as factors of psychosomatic risk.

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