The editorial office invites you to read the second issue of the Art of Healing magazine. Here you will find studies by authors from Polish and foreign research centers.

The article ordered by the editorial office:

  • StavroulaKalaitzi, Katarzyna Czabanowskai Suzanne Babich, Global health leadershipRecall the past to better understand the present : – emphasizes the importance of international solidarity in health care activities in the face of current health challenges.

Empirical articles:

  • Krzysztof Mudyńi Robert Dudek:

(Emotionality of people with the alkohol problem. Comparison of patients starting therapy and patients after six months of therapy): – presents an assessment of the dynamics of the emotional state of patients in therapy due to alcohol addiction.

  • Iwona Malinowska -Lipień, Aleksandra Bajorek , Teresa Gabryś:

 (Physical fitness and the occurence of franty among older people)  – presents the results of the research on the relationship between physical fitness of the elderly and presence of weakness syndrome.

  • Paweł Kurowski, Dawid Janczarzyk:

 (Comparison of the effect of the muscle energy technique repeated once and three times on the change of pain threshold and electrophysiological parameters of the trapezius muscle)  -discusses the effects of two types of muscle energy technique (TEM) used by physiotherapists in order to reduce muscle tone and increase the pain threshold.

  • Katarzyna Lipina, Urszula Marcinkowska :

(Performing health services in the perspective of a lack of medical staff) – presents an opinion survey of nurses and paramedics on the relationship between numerical shortages of medical staff and the quality of health services.


Theoretical and review articles:

  • Patrycja Zurzycka, Iwona Oskędra,Katarzyna Wojtas:

(Selected issues of caring for mentally ill persons with concomitant somatic dis orders) – discusses the problem of somatic ailments of various etiologies in the group of mentally ill people and the role of comprehensive care in this group, combined with health education.
• Weronika Lebowa: (Francisco Goya, Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch – the imaginary world in the work of eminent painters)    – an article illustrating the claim that the disease not only does not prevent significant artistic achievements, but can be an important creative inspiration.

Liver transplantation without secrets – a guide for patients developed by two experienced transplant doctors, Piotr Milkiewicz and Maciej Wójcicki. An excellent guide, addressed primarily to people who are about to have a liver transplant and practitioners interested in this issue.

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