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Nina Ogińska-Bulik

Negative and positive effects of secondary exposure to trauma among nurses – the author describes the results of research carried out on a group of nurses exposed to this type of stress. pointing to its double (negative and positive) consequences and the relationship with the workload felt by nurses.


Patrycja Zurzycka, Katarzyna Czyżowicz, Grażyna Puto, Iwona Repka

Activities of hospital ethics committees – availability of information on hospital websites – the study indicates an extremely important aspect of medical care, which is taking into account the principles of professional ethics, which is to be formally guaranteed by the functioning of ethical committees in health care facilities. The analysis carried out by the authors shows that the functioning of these committees may be unsatisfactory in some cases.



Katarzyna Bobak-Powroźnik

The phenomenon of tensegration in the muskuloskeleteal system – the author discusses the topic of the fascia that plays an important role in the proper functioning of the human muscular system. Many modern holistic therapies are based on the phenomenon of tensegration. Recently, this phenomenon has been discussed more and more in the environment of physiotherapists.


Marta Barłowska-Trybulec, Joanna Szklarczyk

Therapeutic exercises used in the rehabilitation of the rheumatoid hand – the work deals with the subject of exercises used in the rehabilitation of hands in patients with rheumatic diseases. The exercises presented in the study presented and used systematically may be a valuable supplement to the treatment of patients with this type of disease.


Joanna Skoczek, Klaudia Król

Pulmonary physiotherapy in post COVID-19 – the work focuses on the rehabilitation of the respiratory system and counteracting the effects of changes in the musculoskeletal system after COVID-19. It presents an outline of the rehabilitation procedure after an illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and can inspire physiotherapists to create effective rehabilitation methods to prevent complications in the course of this disease and to restore the efficiency of the respiratory and systemic systems after its history.


Bohdan W. Wasilewski, Olha Yourtsenyuk, Eugene Egan

COVID-19 pandemic from an ecological perspective – The main intention of this article is to discuss key COVID-19 issues from an ecological and evolutionary perspective. This article encourages people to submit works and comments of a polemical nature, which the editors will be happy to include in the next issue of the Art of Healing.



Dorota Kubacka-Jasiecka

Professor Marek Kosewski – farewell – We have included a farewell to Professor Marek Kossewski, a close associate of our journal who died a year ago, and also a member of the Scientific Board,.


 Zygmunt Pucko, Joanna Przybek-Mita

Weronika Nawara, Born in a nurse’s cap. On the invisible heroines of hospital corridors – This review extensively indicates various important threads that the author included in her work about the experiences resulting from the implementation of professional functions of nurses.

 Marek Motyka

Mieczysław Klimek, Without rhyme or reason. Monumoirs – The review emphasizes the highly original feature of the work, which is the author’s sharing of his personal experience relating to the experiences appearing in the so-called “Normal life”, or initiating a change in psychotherapy.

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