Newsletter 2/2021


We are happy to announce that the Art of Healing journal (Polish: Sztuka Leczenia)  achieved further successes in 2021 in the objective parameters of the qualitative assessment, scoring 88.64 points in Index Copernicus International – ICV 2021, which is a significant increase in the Index Copernicus rating from 69.36 in 2019. The journal was on the list of scientific journals of MEiN with a score of 20. 

From next calendar year 2022, the journal will be published by the Publishing House of the Jagiellonian University, known for its high position on the book and magazine publishing market, also on the list of MEiN publishers. 

For many years, the journal Art of Healing has also been indexed in such databases as: Arianta, CEJSH, EBSCO Publishing (Ebsco Discovery Service), ERIH +, PBL – Polish Medical Bibliography, PBN – Polish Scientific Bibliography, POL-index, WorldCat 

We encourage readers to jointly edit our journal by publishing their works in it. Eligible manuscripts are published free of charge. 

The editorial office of the magazine invites you to read the second issue of the Art of Healing journal this year. In it, you will find studies mostly devoted to various aspects related to the COVID-19 pandemic  


Ieva Stankutė,, Mindaugas Stankūnas,  Katarzyna Czabanowska 

Leadership and crisis management of COVID-19 pandemic in Lithuania – a survey among public health professionals –  Research paper aimed at assessment by health professionals in Latvia of leadership and crisis management during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Milena Maryon-Nowak  

Online psychotherapy of children and adolescents – a new challenge in the context of a pandemic Sars Covid – 19 –  The aim of the study was to present new challenges in the psychotherapy of children and adolescents in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Stelcer Bogusław 

Covid 19- the fear of pandemic – The paper presents the psychological and social effects of infectious diseases from a historical perspective. It shows the differences in the strategy of dealing with past pandemics and the current COVID-19. 


Katarzyna Pękacka-Falkowska 

The sermon Ob man vor dem Sterben fliehen möge (1527) by Martin Luther as the ideological basis of the fight against the plague and the ethics of duty tempore pestis: some introductory remarks – The work addresses ethical social behavior during the infectious disease pandemic. He refers to a sermon by Martin Luther published in 1527 in Wittenberg, whose aim was to build social solidarity during the plague epidemic. 


Dorota Kubacka-Jasiecka 

Tatooing and piercing – Impact of cultural patterns or self-destructive behaviour? – The study covers the issues of motivation and the psychological mechanism of improving the appearance of your body through tattooing and piercing. 


Ryszard Praszkier, Michał Wroniszewski,                                                                                

Rhythm and Autism – The study presents an analysis of the research and the conclusions resulting from them on the method of rhythm therapy in autistic children that restores synchronization abilities in social relations. 


The electronic version of the journal will soon be available on the website 

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Editorial Team