Privacy policy

The Editorial Committee would like to inform that the Authors (and co-authors) of the texts submitted to the Art of Healing are obliged to agree for their personal data to be processed for the purpose of the realisation of the publication process and the dissemination of the publications by the Editor (WNZ UJCM). Moreover, the Authors (and co-authors) submitting the paper are obliged to sign an agreement of the transfer of the copyright onto the Editor.

The Authors’ and Reviewers’ personal data, including affiliations and e-mail addresses, submitted to the Editorial Committee of the Art of Healing are, upon their agreement, used exclusively for the purpose of publishing of the periodical. The authors’ names and affiliations, together with their work, upon their publications, are to become internationally available in print and on the periodical’s website, as well as in databases in which it is indexed as fit for dissemination.