The Art of Healing Editorial Board cordially invites researchers and scholars to submit papers addressing the
current SARS-COV-2 global pandemic situation within the scope of the following topic: The Art of Healing in
the Time of Pandemic.

The protracting pandemic of coronavirus SARS-COV-2 causing successive waves of the COVID-19 disease not
only demonstrates the need for facing these enormous challenges by the healthcare systems worldwide but
also reveals the diversity of human behaviour under the strain of this crisis. Therefore, it is our intention to
dedicate the forthcoming issues to this subject; thus providing an opportunity for sharing with the Reader the
experiences of wrestling with the pandemic in the area of broadly defined public health.

Detailed information on our journal, together with its archival issues, can be found at
All contributions to the subject are greatly encouraged and will be duly considered.

Wishing you the best of health,
Yours faithfully,
Art of Healing Editor-in-Chief
dr hab. Joanna Bonior, Jagiellonian University Professor