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Rating Preventive Advice for Opportunities to Reduce the Level of Depression. Conduct and Analysis of Results

Effect of rehabilitation on recovery of people after motorcycle accidents

Selected risk factors and prevention of falls among the elderly

Negative effects of work related to helping people after traumatic experiences – the phenomenon of secondary traumatization

Life change events from a health perspective

Psychosomatic Risk from the Perspective of Attachment Trauma and Body Self Disorders

The Village Effect. How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier, Happier, and Smarter

Report of the International Meeting of Balint Group Leaders in the Knight’s Castle of the Order of the Joanites – Łagów, Poland

5th Balint in Zakroczym 25–27 October 2019

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Reviewers of Journal Art of Healing (2019)


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Long term outcome of totally extraperitoneal hernia repair without mesh fixation

Selected healthcare systems of the Middle East – a comparative overview of cultural and technical approaches and their organisation

Chatbots as an ethical challenge for contemporary psychotherapy

Nocebo effect vs. informed consent and information to the patient

Preterm delivery – etiopathogenesis and treatment

Physical activity during the pregnancy, labour and puerperium

Rehabilitation in pregnancy… and less pain

Neurological and psychological effects in Shaken Baby Syndrome

Report of the Symposium Pain and Suffering 2019

Report of the Balint’s Warsaw Symposium 2019 in Zakroczym

The importance of family support in medical practice

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Wspomnienie o zmarłym prof. Jerzym Aleksandrowiczu

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Impact of nutritional status on functional capacity of people over 65 years of age who were hospitalized on endocrinologic reasons

Wpływ wysiłku fizycznego w wodzie na samopoczucie kobiety ciężarnej

Spiritual care in medicine: Forgiveness

Psychological aspects of Hashimoto disease

Duties of psychologist in pediatric ward

Intrapersonal communications – road to self actualization

Marcus Tullius Cicero’s view on the concept of old age as prefiguration of modern gerontagology

Conference series Pain and suffering. Inspiration and development

Animal-assisted therapy as a modern tool to improve human health

Reviewers of journal Art of Healing (2018)


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Contemporary model of psychologist’s work with a somatically ill patient – the perspective of health psychology

Intervention in emotional crisis on family background (psychological violence) manifesting functional cardiac disorders. A case of patient Krystyna P.

The importance of cognitive functioning examination of the elderly in qualification process to cardiology treatment with TAVI method

Psychological support to patients undergoing the heart transplantation (HTX) and implantation of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

Cardiac surgical patient – psychological support in the perioperative period

Psychosocial and emotional functioning of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

17th Spectrum. Almanac.50 years of the Union of Polish Physician Writers

Slapstick aphorisms

The praise of negative knowledge. Sketches for both hands

“Between health and illness – 44 years of psychological oncology research on health in hematology” (WJASC2018). Report from the Scientific Congress of Julian Aleksandrowicz

Report from the 10th edition of the Intensive Balint Training Group, Kraków, April 20–22, 2018

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Empathy and its changes in students during undergraduate nursing course

Knowledge of nurses working in nursing departments and undergraduate students about delirium and its risk factors

Syndrome of occupational burnout among oncological nurses

Importance of nonviolent communication and coaching in communication with patient

Time perspective as a factor determining health care and the risk of disorders

Universal prevention of pathological forms of Internet use by children and adolescents

An intersectional perspective in nursing practice – an outline of the issues

Monumenta Medica Cracoviensia


Instant Infl uence. How to get anyone to do anything – fast!

The new Board of the Society for Psychosomatic Education (TEP) Report on the TEP Board Meeting and the TEP General Assembly

Jerzy Korzewski talks with Professor Jan Łazowski

Reviewers of journal art of healing (2017)

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